On the Other Side of Your Comfort Zone

I sat in the car, hands wrapped around the steering wheel.

“Holley,” my friend said with a smile, “You have to get out of the car.”

I sighed. She was right. I was leading the retreat, after all. Wandering into the lobby I glanced at faces of women. Some laughed, others chatted and a few looked as nervous as I felt.

I’d come to Lied Lodge to spend the weekend with the women of Colonial Church. And {confession} I was scared silly.

Have you ever felt afraid even though you knew with all your heart that you were supposed to do something?

I’ve found there is only one cure for that kind of fear: just do it anyway.

Some fear you can’t push down. You can only go through it.

By the end of the weekend I fell in love with those women. And by the time I grasped the steering wheel again I felt sad to leave. I couldn’t imagine why I’d been so nervous.

Sometimes our comfort zones are the walls that block us from God’s best for our lives. When we dare to step beyond them we open the doors to things we never thought possible.

We grow. And our faith does too.

It seems that’s where I most often find Jesus too–not in the familiar or safe but just beyond the edge of what I think I can handle. It’s in those moments that I suddenly find His hands holding me.

How about you…what stretches your faith?



p.s. If any of my friends from Colonial are reading, will you leave a comment and say hi? I miss you, girls! 🙂

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About Holley

About Holley

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