Opening the Door to Your God-sized Dream {New 40-Day Devotional Book}

Opening the Door to Your God-sized Dream Cover by Holley Gerth

For the last several months we’ve been talking about God-sized dreams here each week. We’re wrapping that series up and I’m so grateful for all we’ve shared together!

If you’d like more encouragement for your dreams, I have a new devo book releasing now called Opening the Door to Your God-sized Dream. If you or anyone in your life has a dream then this is for you, my friend. XOXO


The coffee steams up from my cup. The chatter of other conversations swirls around me.  The baristas are busy at their work.
I’m here to write about God-sized dreams. And a voice within me keeps insisting,

“It’s not the right time.”

“You’re too busy.”

“It’s too hard.”

I know that voice. It comes whenever I get ready to take the next step toward what God has for me. Maybe you’ve heard it too?

“When you have more experience…”

“When the kids are older…”

“When the bank account is fuller…”

But here’s the thing: there is no perfect time for a God-sized dream.

God-sized dreams knock on the door of our hearts. We can get so used to the sound that we let them stand outside for a lifetime. They don’t force their way in, insist to be heard or demand to be pursued.

We have to choose to let our God-sized dreams into our lives. In the middle of the busy. In the middle of the insecurity. In the middle of the fear.

When you open the door of your heart to a God-sized dream, you also open it wider to the Giver of them. That’s what matters most of all. If you long for more intimacy with Jesus, joy in your life, purpose in your days, then put your hand on the doorknob and get ready to turn it.

Will it be a little scary? Yes.

Will it probably be harder than you thought? Yes.

Will it be more worth it than you could have even imagined? Absolutely.

Close your eyes for a moment. Listen not with your ears but with the deepest part of you.


It’s there.

A God-sized dream waiting not for the perfect time but for this one—waiting for this moment. Right here. Right now.

Let’s open the door together.

I’ll be right there with you as you do.

And, best of all, God will too.


Holley Gerth, excerpt from my new devotional book Opening the Door to Your God-sized Dream.


p.s. Can you share this with someone? The hardest part of being an author is telling people about my books. For real. It makes me want to hide under tables and awkward stuff like that. So if you will facebook, tweet, or tell your neighbor I will be forever-and-ever grateful. Thank you!!

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About Holley

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