Project Renew You: When You’re Tired of Being Tired

I chat with the radio show host about You’re Already Amazing. Just before the interview ends he says, “For a lot of people listening, life is hectic and this could feel like more to do. What do you recommend as the first step for women out there who are really frazzled?”

I laugh a little before I respond because I have so been there.

I still go there sometimes.

But I’m slowly learning we’re not made to live worn out lives. We’re not supposed to be tired all the time. How did we get persuaded that we have to run on empty?

It’s April. And outside my window are signs of new life. Flowers daring to slip their heads up toward the sun. Trees unleashing the first small, green leaves. Growth. Good things. Renewal.

This month I want us to focus on the same.

Let’s explore together, be creative even dare to play a little. Let’s find out how to stop being so tired all the time. What do you say?

The first step is always what Jesus says, “Come to Me, you who are weary and burdened.” So we come, Lord, to You who loves us and ask that You’ll show us truth and new ways of being.

The question that radio host asked me isn’t one that can be solved in a few sentences. I managed to come up with an answer but it felt like only the beginning. So let’s continue down that path here together and find out what God has in store…

Will you go with me?


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Oh, and one more thing! My dear friend, Lisa-Jo launched an ebook today!! Woo-hoo!!! 

{The Bloom (in)courage book club is starting chapter one of You’re Already Amazing today. Join us?}


photo by Robert S. Donovan 

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About Holley

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