Savoring the People You Love

I have a confession to make.

I’m becoming a tea drinker.

After years of being monogamously committed to coffee, my stomach decided to rebel. Sigh. So while I still love-love a cup of strong, black coffee I’m interspering it with tea a bit too.

What does this have to do with anything?

Well, surpisingly I’m falling in love with tea. Every cup has a story it turns out. About where it’s been. What has added flavor to it. How it seeps and spills into the water until everything changes.

My favorite people are like that too.

You know the characters in life that may seem ordinary on the outside but give them some time and a welcoming place and all kinds of wonderful starts flowing to you through them?

You find out how they came to be who they are.

You taste the flavor of God’s goodness that only comes through them.

You find your life changed by the time you lean back and say good-bye.

We can all be one of those people, I think. And we can all enjoy each other in that way too. It just requires slowing down and being more intentional.

Really knowing people requires our hearts, schedules and being willing to let ourselves be open to a new flavor of being.

So I’ve already invited you to have coffee with me. Now I’m inviting you to tea too. 🙂

And I’m curious…are you a coffee drinker, tea sipper, both or neither?



p.s. We’re doing chapters one and two of You’re Already Amazing on the Bloom (in)courage book club today. We’d love for you to join us!

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About Holley

About Holley

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I like humans, words, and good coffee. And I’d love to help you beat what’s holding you back, become all you’re created to be, and kick butt for the greater good.

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