The Joy Challenge: Day 22 – Friday Funnies

Friday Funnies from Amber Runs a Muck I’m deliberately finding joy for forty days. To start from day one click here.

My dear friend Amber has a little thing on her fabulous blog, the run-a-muck, called friday funnies.

This week she told a very funny story about herself and she’s inspired me to do the same.

Actually, I don’t think I can keep it to just one. As you know, I’m all about celebrating our beautiful anomalies (aka weird stuff we do).

So here are a two amusing things I’ve managed to do recently…

One: The other day coming back from lunch I approached the little scanner on our door that lets us in. Normally, I don’t have any issues. So after several attempts I stood there shaking my head, wondering what was wrong…until I realized I was attempting to open the door with the remote to my car.

Two: There’s a local cafe where I liked to write called World Garden (it’s fabulous and you can order their coffee online). Lots of cool people always seem to be hanging around and I’m, well, not cool. But I try to pretend that I am–at least just a little bit.

So in my “trying to be cool” state I walked back to my table, sat down, and heard a ripping noise. Y’all, my jeans have pockets on the back and I had hooked one of the corners on my chair and tore that baby right open. I couldn’t manage that again if I tried. And apparently I can’t manage “cool” either…even when I am trying! 

If you would like to hear about more of my escapades and feel better about yourself, you can read here about how I launched my coffee across the room in front of an editor, wandered into the men’s room (and stayed long enough to do my lipstick), or just get a big long list of all my beautiful anomalies (like changing the lyrics to eighties songs and singing them to my dog).

You know, that stuff used to bother me. But I’ve realized that our craziness is just a pretty good reminder that we’re not God. And that takes off a lot of pressure, don’t you think? It’s so much easier to feel joy when you’re not trying to have it all together. Amen.

What funny stuff have you done lately that we should know about? Write about it on your blog and link to Amber. And spill it here too so you’ll be entered in the giveaways…

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About Holley

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