The JOY Challenge: Day 25 – Fear of Heights

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Walk of Faith

Husband and I sit on the couch talking about this plateau of joy I’ve been facing. I laugh and say, “I’m scared of heights…emotionally.”

And then I realize my silly words are true. In some sense, joy puts us at risk of falling. We have more to lose.

Sadness, anxiety, fear. All of these keep us low to the ground. The view isn’t that great but somehow we feel safer.

I even remember reading a study during grad school that showed people are more likely to gravitate toward negative emotions for that very reason.

I ponder this and then truth comes…

If they stumble, they will not fall, because the Lord holds their hand. Psalm 37:24 NCV

Of course, these words don’t mean I won’t have disappointments or difficult days. But there is One who will catch me.

And in that moment I realize

Joy is not a tightropeit’s a walk of faith.

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About Holley

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