The JOY Challenge: Day 34 – The Rest of the Story

I’m deliberately finding joy for forty days. To start from day one click here. 

holy experience

It’s late. The sun has long since slipped behind the autumn trees. Husband is curled under a blanket on the couch, sleeping peacefully while the news tells us why we should be afraid.
I’m sitting at the kitchen table. My hands rest on the white, too-wrinkled tablecloth. The computer screen buzzes blue and invites me to touch the silver keys.
Journal photo by Boa-sorte&Careca But this time I decline and reach for my journal instead. I open the patterned cover and run my fingers along the lined pages. I pick up the pen and write secrets.

These are not the sort of secrets that would land me on a talk show. No, these are secrets of the heart.

For here, on these silent pages no one reads, I write down words of encouragement given to me, accomplishments, reasons for celebration.

Then God and I rejoice over them together. It’s divine intimacy. It brings me back to joy.

You see, I tend to forget those things. Or I hide them. I’m embarassed by compliments, overwhelmed by spotlights.
But alone, with Him, they become treasures I can offer back up.
And when I’m done, perspective changed, my heart rests…

On difficult days I come back to this book and read again, remembering His faithfulness, knowing I’m loved.

Lord, may our hearts rejoice and rest in you. Amen.

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