The JOY Challenge: Day 35 – Praying for You

I’m deliberately finding joy for forty days. To start from day one click here.

Prayer 1 photo by Dawn at My Home Sweet Home 
photo by Dawn at My Home Sweet Home Online


Thank you for the one who is reading these words right now.

I’m so glad that wherever she is, you are there too.

Today I ask that you would bring her JOY–

the kind that comes from deep inside

and stays despite our circumstances.

You know what’s on her heart today,

those worries that keep coming back.

Lift the burdens from her shoulders,

carry them for her…and please carry her too.

I also pray that you would bring her HOPE–

the kind that is so much bigger than blue skies,

the sort of hope that sees us through the storms

and walks us into the light of a better, brighter day.

If her belief is sagging or her spirit weary

give her strength to press on to all you have for her.

And, most of all, I pray for LOVE in her her life–

the kind that is unconditional, real, healing

and gives us the courage to become

all you made us to be because we know

we’re deeply loved just as we are now.

Please let her feel your Presence and these prayers

with her right now, in this moment.

Thank you for being with her always as you promised.


What’s one way we can specifically pray for you today? Let us know by leaving a comment here and on the prayer page of (in)courage… 

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About Holley

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