The JOY Challenge: Day 36 – Along the Way


I’m deliberately finding joy for forty days. To start from day one click here.

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We’re getting close to the end of the Joy challenge (I know–it’s been a lot longer than just forty consecutive days!) and I’ve learned some things along the way…

Joy is a choice – I don’t think there’s been one day I’ve woken up and said, “Woo-hoo! Joy!” I think joy is a bit like exercise. You put your heart in motion and head that direction then God gets the rest of you up to speed.

Joy is everywhere – Once I started looking, I discovered joy was all around me. It still is. I’ll admit some days I get bogged down and don’t choose to focus on it. But when I do, it’s always there.

Joy is a glimpse of heaven – In those moments when joy is incredibly real, I always find myself longing for heaven. I think joy reminds us we were made for more than this, more than here and now.

Joy is a Person – For some reason we tend to think of Jesus as really serious. But he’s joy itself. And I’ve discovered when I truly feel joy, I feel his presence in those moments too.

Your turn! Just fill in the blank. Joy is…

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About Holley

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