The JOY Challenge: Day 37 – Simply Lovely

I’m deliberately finding joy for forty days. To start from day one click here.

Umbrella photo by 1Happysnapper

First, thank you to all of you for your post ideas to help with my writer’s block! You are brilliant and I’m so looking forward to diving into those soon!

During my little writing break, a wonderful reader and new friend of mine honored me with a Lovely Lady, Lovely Blog award. Thanks so much, Cassandra!

Lovelyblogaward “The LOVELY LADY ~ LOVELY BLOG award is to be given to those whom you have met in this wonderful world called the blogosphere who are beautiful and who have blogs that encourage, inspire, and uplift us in our daily lives.”

This is a pass-along sort of award so I get to share it with five more bloggers too.

Here they are…

Reese is a natural encourager. Her sweet, sunny smile says it all…and her heartfelt words back it up.

Maureen is making a difference around the world (and in my life too) with kindness and courage.

Fiona is all about sharing that “We have much to learn from each other.” And she has taught me a lot!

Amy is a tenderhearted, prayer warrior. I’ve been a thankful recipient of those prayers more than once!

Grace and Peace is in love with God and a blessing to His daughters (especially me).

Girls, to accept this award and pass it on, just check out the guidelines on Cassandra’s site

I’m closing comments today so you can go leave kind words for the ladies above on their blogs!


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About Holley

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