The JOY Challenge: Day 39 – Simply the Best

I’m deliberately finding joy for forty days. To start from day one click here.

Cupcakes photo by Miss Karen 

My dear mentor in college, Beth, used to lean forward and say with a smile, “The most difficult choices in life are not between good and bad but between good and best.”

Her words stuck with me.

Then this morning I read this…

Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel. 1 Corinthians 1:17

Our buddy Paul is saying, “Baptizing is good–but it’s not God’s best for me.”

You may be wondering, “Holley, what in the world do your mentor, Paul, and cupcakes have to do with each other?” Just stick with me a little longer and stop looking at the cupcake picture…

Paul was clearing up some confusion because people were saying, “I follow Paul” rather than “I follow Christ” (and somehow the few baptisms he did tied into all that).

So it seems stepping outside what God had for Paul caused a little chaos and a mess he got to help clean up.

Sigh. Been there and done that.

You see, I like to say “yes”…to people, opportunities, new adventures. Anyone else?

And I’m not saying “yes” out of guilt or obligation. I’m saying “yes” because I love a new challenge in much the same way I love a good cupcake.

The only thing is, I sometimes sign up for the baptizing committee when I should be spending time doing something else like, oh, writing.

The other reason is…this one is hard to say…I’m flattered that someone wants me.

There’s still a little Junior High girl somewhere inside me that just wants to be asked to dance.

And then once I’ve been asked to dance, I certainly don’t want anyone mad at me for saying no.

It’s complicated.

But the past few months God has really been working on my heart–helping me cut out the “baptizing” and get back to what I’ve truly been sent to do.

I believe that’s writing, counseling, connecting from the heart.

And how do I know when I’m in my calling?

I feel JOY.

Yes, there are difficulties. But there is also a satisfation in the struggle because I know it’s worth it.

In contrast, when I’m out of that zone I feel weary, discouraged, without joy.

So today I’m asking God again to help me choose the best over the good…perhaps the hardest, but most rewarding, choice of all.

(As for the cupcakes, my friend Ginny Mooney wisely said to me in Rick’s bakery one day, “Life is short, eat doughnuts.” Notice “doughnuts” is plural. No choice needed. This timeless insight applies to all baked goods.)  

What’s God’s best in your life? In other words, what brings you joy and makes you say, “I was created to do this“? I’d love to know that about you…


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About Holley

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