The JOY Challenge: Day 8 – Digging for the Divine

I’m deliberately looking for joy for forty days. To start from day one click here.

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Kelly from This Restless Heart shared a fabulous post by Monica Sharman with me last week. I loved it and hope you’ll take a few moments to read it.

Essentially, Monica shares of searching for joy and struggling to find it. Finally her sweet husband reminds her that we first seek God and then He gives us joy.

In light of this, I spent a few moments asking myself, “What am I really looking for in this joy challenge?”

I realized I’m often like a treasure hunter who sticks her shovel in the soil, scratches at it a bit, and thinks, “That’s just ordinary soil. Nothing much here.” Then I move on to the next spot.

But if I make myself pause, reflect, dig deep, lift shovel after shovel of my humanness away then eventually I discover the divine where I least expected it.

I start with lunch with a friend…and find God is love.

I begin with an ordinary blue sky…and remember God is creator.

I open my eyes to a new day even in hard times…and know again God is faithful.

I’ve heard that “happiness” is on the surface and based on circumstances. In contrast, perhaps joy is what we find when we dig deeply enough into those circumstances to see God in them.

And for one who tends to miss Him in the ordinary, that’s where I’m digging these days….


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About Holley

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