The Rest of Your Story 13: Who shares your life?

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We never write alone. 

 So let’s take some time to consider who shares our lives and stories. 

Before we do so, I’d like to bust the myth among women that goes something like this…”Everyone else has lots of friends but me.” 

According to an article by the Washington Post, 50% of Americans do not have even one friend they can confide in.

Including family, the average number of close relationships is still only two. While concerning, that’s a whole different post.

What I want to highlight here is you are doing okay in your relationships.

Facebook, twitter, and all the other social media sites out there can make it seem as if the whole world is one big party and we’re not invited. The enemy can use that to lie to us and make us feel alone. But it’s not true.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at the relationships in your life. I’ve created a little diagram to help us out…

Who Shares Your Story 2 
Heart Relationships – This is your inner circle, those with whom you can truly share who you are, the ups and downs. These are main characters in your story.

Personal Relationships – These people share your life in your neighborhood, church, work, etc.. You care about each other. They influence your story.

Functional Relationships – These connections are casual and interactions have a practical purpose. They appear in your story but don’t have major impact.

When we look at the life of Jesus, we see this reflected. He had three disciples who were closest to Him then the twelve, the forty, and the multitudes.

Connections to others impact our legacies now and our stories forever. As DaySpring cofounder Dean Kerns recently said, “All we take with us into eternity are our relationships with God and each other.” 

If you’re in a chapter (and we all have them) when you don’t have the relationships you’d like, can I invite you to find those here? This community is a safe place and we really do care about you and your story.


TODAY’S QUESTION: Who shares your life right now? Especially, who is a “heart relationship” for you?

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