The Rest of Your Story 15: What’s the next step?


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When my husband and I vacation, we walk everywhere.

There’s a moment when I panic a little–usually when my husband pulls out the map and cheerfully says, “Let’s go here, here, and here.” And I reply, “That’s a looonnnggg way. Can’t we just go to Starbuck’s?”

But we set out…and by the end of the day we’ve made it and I’m happy. I’ve learned the trick is not giving in to that moment when the journey, the story, seems like too much. Just start with one step.

Small – The tinier the better. We tell ourselves we’ve got to do something amazing right now…ignore that voice.

Tangible – We’re not trying to walk on air. “I want to be happy!” isn’t a step. Choose something with results.

Easy – Yep, not only small but easy. If it can happen in five minutes or less, you get bonus points.

Positive – The whole point is going forward. Now isn’t the time for, “I’m going to stop…X” Focus on what you’ll do instead.

A S.T.E.P. might be making a phone call, getting a book, writing something down, exercising for two minutes, reconnecting with a friend, leaving a comment, anything that moves you forward.  

(Okay, I am totally cracking up right now because I’m picturing Bill Murray in “What about Bob?” saying, ‘Baby steps, baby steps.’ Has anyone else seen that movie? If so, you have my full permission to laugh with/at me right now!)

We tend to picture God as being there for the huge leaps of faith in our stories. But He’s totally in the little stuff too. Even the Israelites made it to the Promised Land one step at a time.

In your story, small is big.


TODAY’S QUESTION: What’s a S.T.E.P in your story?

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