The Rest of Your Story 17: How do you coast?

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I am a biker chick. Okay, okay, I’m not cool enough to be one. Sigh.

But thanks to my man, I do have a cool bicycle. When I got my bike, I rode it in the same gear, at the same speed, all the time.

It was exhausting.

My husband finally said “Girl, you’ve got to learn to coast. Push hard on the hills and then get your strength back going down.”

And just like that, God spoke to my heart too.

I tend to ride life in the same gear, at the same speed, all the time.

And it’s exhausting.

Also, it’s not going to work out well for my story. Halfway through it’s going to say, “And she would have lived mostly happily ever after… but she wore herself out and sat on the couch eating twinkies the rest of her days.”

Ridiculous, you say? You’re right. I don’t even like twinkies. I’d eat jars of nutella.

Back to our stories! The whole point is that God designed us to have times of “coasting.” He gave us different gears on purpose. In particular, He gave us the gift of a Sabbath. That’s the best example of “coasting”.

I also “coast” when I read a good book, exercise, have coffee with a friend, pick up around the house (weird, huh?), take a long nap, go on a vacation, write and watch the snow fall outside (what I’m doing now!).

“Coasting” looks different for all of us. I don’t like watching TV very much. I get stressed and think the world is going to end. For my husband, TV is relaxing.

At the end of our bike ride I asked him, “So what’s the point of coasting anyway?”

“It gives you momentum for the next hill.”

Ah, yes, of course.

It gives us strength for the next chapter in our stories too. 

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TODAY’S QUESTION: How do you “coast”? I need your help, girls! (:

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