The Rest of Your Story 21: What’s the real low down?

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When I began this series, I knew one post would be about our strengths. They’re essential to our stories.

But I avoided it. Why?

The “good Christian girl” voice inside kept saying, “But that’s not humble.”

Finally, I had a little chat with her…

“Girl, what’s your definition of ‘humility’?”

“Being insecure, thinking everyone else is better than you.”

Something about that didn’t sound quite right. So I decided to check out God’s definition of humility. And the happy tears started.  

Y’all, “good Christian girl” may be a sweetheart but she is so wrong on this one.

Get ready, I’m about to go Greek on you. And I thought that was done when I graduated college (Zeta-woot!).

Moving along…Most of the time, the word “humility” is from the Hebrew word “Kana” which implies submission to another’s will.

In the New Testament, it’s a Greek word formed from two others – “Tapeinos” (low to the ground) and “Phren” (our hearts/minds). Put all of that together and humility means bowing our hearts to God.

Or in other words, submitting to His will. And what is His will? That we agree with what He says and live out…including what He says about us.

He says we’re loved, accepted, and wonderfully made in a way that’s just right for His purposes to be fulfilled in our lives.

And what does God do after we humble ourselves before him?

Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will lift you up. James 4:10

Here’s the process: We come before God and say, “I bow my heart before you in love. I embrace that you are God and I am not. All I am, all I have is yours.”

Then He takes our hearts by the hand, lifts us up, and says, “Stand tall, my daughter. You are loved. You are of great worth. Do my will.”

(When our hearts beat with God’s, then we also stay in rythm with others and “love them as ourselves.” Speaking unkindly about each other or ourselves is the same in His eyes. Either way, one of His girls gets hurt.) 

Whew, who could use a chocolate break right now?

It’s time to see ourselves differently in our stories. We’re going to look at our strengths tomorrow. For today, enjoy a big, gooey, wonderful piece of humble pie. With whipped cream AND a cherry. Yes, ma’am.

It just may be the sweetest thing you’ve ever tasted.

p.s. If this message connected with you like it did with me, will you consider serving up some humble pie to the women in your lives by sharing it? 


TODAY’S QUESTION: What’s your heart saying in response?

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