The Rest of Your Story 24: How can we pray for you?

Stephanie and Holley There’s something about face-to-face, neck-hugging, shoulder-crying, loud-laughing times that make all seem right in the world again.

I’ve spent the last few days at the Blissdom conference in Nashville. That’s where Dawn Camp snapped this fun photo of Stephanie and I.

I saw many of the (in)courage writers, connected with people from twitter, and made new friends too.

And I thought of you.

Because I connected with most of these women online first. And I can tell you, the bonds we’re forming on these pages are real, strong, life-changing and true.

Yesterday morning Robin hosted a prayer party. We circled up, bowed heads, talked to Jesus together, prayed for each other. And it made me want to do the same here. After all, we may not have met face-to-face yet but we’ve shared heart-to-heart. 

I had another post ready for today and it’s late at night as I’m typing. In five hours I’ll get up to catch a plane. But I’m here instead because this matters.

And I’ve realized all over again…

Our stories are incomplete without each other.  

So how can we pray for you today? Let us know by leaving a comment. Before you post your words, take a moment to pray for the last person on the comment list.

Let’s circle up, bow heads, talk to the One who brought us to each other.

And whether here or in heaven, I look forward to a face-to-face, neck-hugging, shoulder-crying, loud-laughing time with you.

To let us know how we can pray for you, click here.

p.s. The comment link on yesterday’s post is fixed & you can leave yours now.  

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