The Rest of Your Story 25: What if you’re waiting?

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Seedling photo by D Sharon Pruitt (flickr) The Israelites had a holy GPS to the Promised Land and the journey still took a long time.

Jesus knew He was called to be the Messiah but He didn’t officially begin His ministry until age 30.

Esther spent a year on beauty treatments before she even met the king (sign me up for that one!).

It’s just one little letter but know is not the same as now.

I can feel guilty when I get to a place where I better understand God’s plan or what He’s calling me to do and it hasn’t fully come into being yet. Anyone else? Let’s just kick that to the curb, ladies. 

I’ve done a lot of waiting over the last five years. And what God has gently revealed to me is this, if our hearts are open and we’re saying “yes” to what He asks of us each day then we’re where we’re supposed to be.

It may not make sense. It may seem small. It may feel silly. But sometimes God just has us stay.

Beth Moore said, “Hearts entirely surrendered to God can ordinarily be trusted.” If we have yielded to Jesus and handed Him the pen but all has not come to pass in our story then it is not time yet. Or God has something else for us that we’re being prepared for now. Either way, we have done our part.

That’s what this series is about…not making something happen but getting to the point where we are open and ready.

Our role in the story is to simply place our fingers on the edge of the paper and say, “God, I am here and waiting. Turn the pages as you will. And with all I am, all I have, I will go with you.”

p.s. Have you told us how we can pray for you?


TODAY’S QUESTION: What’s your heart waiting on right now?

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