The Rest of Your Story 26: What’s your Story Statement?

Pitcher photo by hello-julie (flickr) *  The 21- day challenge started on part 11 of the series. That’s why the numbers are higher than 21.

A Story Statement is a lot like a Mission Statement. I like the word “story” because it implies creativity and freedom as well as reminding me that God is the Author.

Whatever you call it, the purpose is the same: to bring focus and intention to our stories.

There are many ways to write a Story Statement. Let’s start with the simplest. 

Think back on everything we’ve covered: Strengths, Skills, WWW. Then create a sentence with this structure…

To bring + (what) + (who) + (how)

Mine: To bring hope and encouragement to the hearts of women through words.

(You can change “bring” to another verb if it helps.) 

We’ll talk about how to add more to our Story Statements later.

How we live this statement will change many times during our story.

For example, I have pitcher that I love. I’ve used it to pour lemonade, water, and tea. I’ve used it at parties, for my husband, and with family at the holidays.

If that pitcher said, “I’m just made to pour iced tea on Saturdays” then it would only partially understand its purpose.

That pitcher might feel like a failure if I wanted to use it to serve orange juice on Sunday mornings instead. But I would be happy about it.

God calls us His “vessel.” That means we’ll express our Story Statement in various situations, amounts, and times. The words we write down aren’t meant to confine us but rather to bring focus and then set us free to be used by God however He chooses.

For example, speaking encouragement to a tired cashier is just as much living out my life story statement as writing a book that will be read by thousands.

What God wants most in our stories is our hearts. After all, It’s not about the size of the word but the meaning behind it.

Big or small, He can use it all.


TODAY: Write a one sentence rough draft of your life story statement. (Use the structure above or your own way and spend less than 5 minutes on it.)

Every comment during the 21-day challenge = an entry for $50 to, including the (in)courage shop!

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