The Rest of Your Story 28: How do you feel?

Candy Hearts photo by Terren in Virginia (flickr) As you know by now, I’m a “live from the heart” kind of girl.

That means some days (okay, a lot of days) my emotions try to get the best of me. So I’ve been asking God what to do with all these feelings.

As I prayed and pondered, this little sentence popped into my heart…

Emotions make great messengers and bad bosses.

Emotions aren’t sin. They’re actually really helpful. They tell us what’s going on in our stories. Even Jesus was a “man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.”

So imagine a messenger running up to you (mine has a ponytail, cute t-shirt, and a mocha for me in her hand…thought you’d like to know).

If we listen to what the messenger has to share with us, turn to our Boss and ask, “What should we do about this?” then all is well.

If we turn back to the messenger and our back to the Boss everything changes.

Our emotions speak into our stories. 

The Author gets the final say. 

p.s. Keep thinking about your Story Statement…we’ll get back to them soon!


TODAY’S QUESTION: What are your feelings saying? What’s true?

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About Holley

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