The Rest of Your Story 9: Deeper into your dreams…

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Thank you so much to all of you who shared what a scene from the “happily ever after” version of your life story movie would be like. I’m still wiping away tears!

As we think about our scenes again, let’s do a freeze frame and focus in even more closely.

I realized as I read your beautiful comments that those scenes give a pretty clear picture of what you value.

For example, I wrote about finally getting to meet all of you in person because connection is important to me.

When I’m connected, I feel content and as if I’m fulfilling my purpose.

When I’m disconnected, I feel down and directionless.

So think about your scene again and ask, “What does this tell me about what I value?”

(Just to clarify, by “value” I mean what’s important to you and not “values” as in “morals.”)

You may be wondering why this matters when it comes to your story.

Well, as we all learned in school stories are driven along by conflicts. Conflicts happen when a goal is blocked. And a goal is always based on a value. 

In other words, you will be most motivated and fulfilled when your values are being met. You will be most discouraged and upset when your values are being violated.

(Want a quick way to tell what you value most? Think about what makes you mad. The opposite is a core value for you. For example, when people are inconsiderate it really bothers me because I highly value kindness. If disorganization bothers you then you value order, etc.)

We tend to think that everyone values what we do…but that’s not the case. Our values are a reflection of our hearts and God has made us unique in what we respond to most.

The rest of your story MUST be based on your values. If it’s not, you can have what seems like the “happiest ever after” and it won’t actually be that way for you because whatever the ending is just doesn’t matter to you. Or even worse, it will drive you crazy.

For example, if you value peace and simplicity but someone gives you the “happily ever after” of living a glamorous, exciting life in the city then you’ll be miserable.

Our values are placed within us by God to provide the motivation for our stories. They propel us along toward the plot and ending He has in mind. 

Delight yourself in the Lord

and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

So, let’s share with each other…what do you value?


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