What Really Helps You Be Happy?

Happiness is something humans have always chased like a dog running after its own tail. A lot of what we believe will bring us happiness isn’t what we think. Money, achievements and external events actually don’t contribute much to our well-being. Research has found these three aspects are the keys instead…

* Personal Growth

* Relationships

* A Desire to Help Others

Sound familiar? It sure reminds me of what Jesus said when he told us life was all about loving God, others, ourselves. Last week I watched The Happy Movie. It’s a documentary that captures the highlights of happiness research from the last few years and combines it with powerful personal stories. Here’s the trailer…

Shockingly, America is one of the most depressed countries in the world. Really. Apparently, we have full wallets and schedules but empty hearts.

I learned that the hard way through a particularly hectic season in my life. I thought being busy meant my life mattered. I believed my worth could be measured by my productivity. I hoped that if I could do enough that one day I’d truly feel accepted. But really I was trying to cover up a lot of fear and insecurity. What my heart really longed for was love.

We’re not made for performance but for connection.

We’re not made for perfection but for growth.

We’re not made for achievement but for worship.

And happiness often comes not through what we get but through what we’re able to let go so that we can embrace what truly matters.

What have you been learning about happiness? I would love to hear from you…

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About Holley

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