What to do with your lemon chicken piccata

I’m a Pinterest fan. And I’ve got a board called Yum! It’s filled with recipes I want to try. It makes my life easier–I use it for grocery shopping, meal planning, random drooling.

But there’s one picture on there that has irked me. The Lemon Chicken Piccata.

It looks delish. Truly. But every time I get ready to make it for some reason I decide to do something else.

And it’s time for me to say, “That Lemon Chicken Piccata looks fabulous but it’s not for me.”

What’s your version of Lemon Chicken Piccata? You know, the thing you think you should do because everyone else thinks it’s wonderful or practical or whatever? But every time you try to really go and do it there’s a part of you that hesitates?

Yeah, that thing.

Well, let’s deal with it. Right now.

It’s okay for you to delete that from your life {or your Pinterest board}.

Many, many things are going to catch your eye and capture your mind in this lifetime. But only a few are what you’re really called to pursue.

One of the keys to fulfilling your purpose in this world is to know when something is a great idea but it’s simply not for you.

You have permission.

To say no.

To walk away.

To save it for another day.

And you know what? Your Lemon Chicken Piccata is going to be someone else’s favorite dinner {here’s the recipe in case that’s you}. It’s not going to waste–it’s going to someone it’s just right for instead.

I made Cilantro Chicken Pesto Tacos in place of that recipe.

Yes and amen and pass the goodness down the table.

Because that’s how we’re meant to live.


p.s. Like Pinterest too? Then you will LOVE Pin-terpretation.

About Holley

About Holley

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