What Was Your One Moment of Joy this Week?

Some weeks I feel like a gold miner, sifting the sands between my fingers.

I search for joy.

And I wonder, “Will it ever come easy?”

I think the answer is not what we’d like to hear. Joy, it turns out, is unnatural to us. We are much more prone to fear and worry, to dark and doubt. Finding joy takes intention, perseverance, even sometimes pain. It’s taking the grit of life in our hands and letting the water wash over it until we find that one glimmer.

Then we cling to it.

We hold it up to the sun and stare.

Because even one little bit can give us what we need to keep on going.

Sometimes we live in seasons where we find joy in abundance. Sometimes we sift and sort and sweat for what seems so small. But it’s there, friends. Somewhere. Maybe in plain sight. Maybe hidden. Still ours for the taking from the Giver of all that’s good. 

Think back over your week, sift through in your mind, see the hurt and hard and tired, then also find one sliver of joy. A moment when you laughed, an unexpected kind word, a bit of beauty.

Then tell us about it. Because we need to hear.

What’s one small thing that brought you joy this week?


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About Holley

About Holley

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I like humans, words, and good coffee. And I’d love to help you beat what’s holding you back, become all you’re created to be, and kick butt for the greater good.

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