When it’s time to burn your candles

Hello Friend,

As I type these words, candles gleam in the early morning light next to me. Nothing remarkable, it would seem, except that I’ve had these candles for years. I kept them stored away in a drawer waiting for a special occasion

They’re not fancy candles. Just round, small tea lights. I think I paid five dollars for a hundred of them. 

But I still couldn’t bring myself to burn them. But recently I’ve been discovering more about joy and how God really does want us to have life to the full. It has changed my mind about those candles because I’ve realized this:

Life is a special occasion. 

Every sunrise we welcome. Every laugh we get to share. Every brilliant, messy moment that I try to rush through and then wish I could recapture. 

Life is worth celebrating.

Even on the days when I’m tempted to pull the covers back over my head. Even on the days when the house is messy, dinner gets burned and my to-do list doesn’t get done. Even on the days when I’m not the woman I want to be.

Life is worth lighting a candle for all the time.

Because that little flame somehow helps me remember that even in the middle of all the crazy there is so much good. It tells me to take a moment to smile, dance, pray and be gloriously human. To think less about me and more about the God who hung the stars in place. 

I light candles often now. I put them in the living room. The kitchen. Around the edge of the bathtub. I’ll ignite them at 10am or 10pm and in between.

I’m scandalously extravagant in the use of those candles. 

Bright little bits of joy everywhere. 

They’re out of that drawer at last. 

And I wonder why I waited so long. 



p.s. How do you find joy in little ways?


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About Holley

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