When You Feel Like You’re the Only One

We sit under the blue Canadian sky. Under the cover of Ellen Graf-Martin’s patio umbrella, we uncover a little of our hearts too. Ellen, Ann and I talk of God-sized dreams. What it means to use your gifts to encourage others. The good on that kind of journey…and the hard too.

We’ve been privileged to hear the hearts of many women. Across borders, blogs, wherever we go it turns out eventually we hear the same thing: I feel like I’m the only one.

So here’s the thing. That statement is true. Just not the way you think.

We tell ourselves, “I’m the only one who struggles, feels lonely sometimes, wonders if what I’m doing matters.”

Let me lean in and whisper to your heart. We all feel that way. And it’s not about failure–it’s about being human.

But this what’s true: “I’m the only one who can fulfill God’s purpose for my life, has gifts He has entrusted just to me, can hang on to the promise that He will be there every step of the journey He’s chosen for my life.”

It’s not about the beginning {I’m the only one who…} instead it’s about how we finish the rest of the sentence.

The deeper you move into God’s calling for your life, the weirder you will feel. No one tells you that at the beginning. But I’m telling you now. And that opens the door for the enemy to whisper lies. Don’t listen, friend. Lean into the truth instead.

Yes, you are the only one.

But you are not alone.

There is a beautiful and powerful difference between the two.

We sip the last of our coffee and soak in the conversation too. When it’s time to leave, my cup is empty and my heart is full. And I’m not the only one.




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About Holley

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