When your heart needs comfort…

Flowers and vase photo by hello-julie (flickr creative commons) We walk the dusty trails up a hill to a resting place for a man who knew how to love.

And I think of another walk up another hill by the Man who died so we could live forever

All week long I feel His comfort.

In words shared by all of you…

How can I ever thank you?

In love from family and friends…

Those arms around us make the world right again.

In smiles as we tell stories…

Laughter really is the best medicine for a broken heart.

I’m here again today, back at this table, fingers returning to the keys. And I just want you to know I’m bowing my head right now and praying for you–

Lord, thank you so much for my wonderful readers and the way they’ve encouraged my heart this week. I’m so glad you’re with them today the way I wish I could be. Please give each of their hearts a hug for me.

I pray especially for the one reading these words right now. You know the hurts and happiness in her life. Whatever she needs today, please bring it to her–whether it’s comfort, strength, hope, joy, or simply more of your love. Amen. 

For all the ways you’ve been a blessing to me, I’m asking God to bless you in return. I love all of you as my family in Christ. Thank you again for your sweet encouragement this week.

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About Holley

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