You Are Chosen!

Imagine a little girl at recess waiting to hear her name called for a team. She stands with her head lowered, staring at a scuffed shoe, waiting and hoping.

Picture a woman lingering at the edge of a party. Her eyes scan the room, wondering if anyone notices she’s there, silently wishing for someone to talk to her. 

See an older lady sitting in the foyer of a nursing home. She watches as volunteers come through the door, slowly lifting her head, inviting someone to acknowledge her with a quiet smile.

From the time we are children to the end of our lives, something within us cries, “Choose me!”

 Jesus answers that call of our hearts…

He says to the little girl, “I want you on my team. I even have a special position and purpose for you.”

He says to the woman at the party, “I think you’re beautiful. I want to know you and be with you.”

He says to the older woman, “I place great worth on your life. I see you and I hear you.”

And He says to you, “I choose you, just as you are, and I love you more than you can imagine.”

We long for someone to come for us, see us for who we really are, and want us anyway. We’ve already been chosen but sometimes we still try to fulfill that longing in other ways. Eventually we find that the love we’ve been searching for is right in front of us. 

God has already made His decision. He’s standing before us with arms wide open. Once and for all He has said to us, “I choose you.” When we accept our Heavenly Father’s invitation to join His family then we truly belong to Him forever.

God’s Heart for You: Embracing Your True Worth as a Woman


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