Your Dream Isn’t Done

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This summer I did a very brave thing. I bought a tomato plant. To understand why that’s an act of courage, I need to share my history of plants with you. Don’t worry, I can sum it all up in three little words:

I kill them.

Every few years I decide to change my wicked, plant-assassin ways. I wander into a store for completely unrelated reasons and there they are…rows of promising little pots just begging to be taken home (well, in my case they are probably hollering for me to leave them there).

This year I yielded to temptation and picked up a cherry tomato plant.

I put it in the sunshine.

I watered it.

Sometimes I forgot.

Then I went out of town.

I came home and my little plant had turned the color of crispy french fries. “Dang,” I said to myself, “Another one bites the dust.” I felt a bit disappointed because this time I had really tried. I had watered that thing. I had put it in the sun. I had even talked to it and told it what a good little plant it was.

I strolled across the yard with sorrow in my southern heart. But when I got to that plant, I stopped right in my tracks.

Lo and behold, two bright red tomatoes smiled up at me.

I clapped my hands. Not only had my crispy plant managed to survive, it had just grown my very first tomatoes.

I carried those tomatoes into the house and showed my husband. I took pictures of them. I put them on facebook.

My little dream had somehow managed to come true in spite of me.

That’s often how it works. We set out with good intentions. Then life interferes, we forget to water, we go out of town and we think the dream is surely done. But all the while God in his mysterious ways is still working in ways beyond our understanding.

So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. 1 Cor. 3:7

If you have a dream that looks like crispy french fries in the sun, don’t give up yet. Because you just never know. Sometimes when we least expect it, when we don’t deserve it, when we can hardly believe it…everything changes.

My little plant has two more tomatoes on it. They’re still green and I’m watching, waiting, seeing the “impossible” grow before my eyes.


What dream are you trying to grow right now?

And when it comes to real plants, are you a plant-assassin or a green thumb? 🙂

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About Holley

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