Your God-sized Dream

Umbrella photo by hello-julie (flickr creative commons) I started this year by writing about God-sized Dreams for (in)courage. I shared with the leaders of Blessings Unlimited. I did a series right here. I still talk about them almost every week with counseling clients or friends over coffee. 

And I’ve learned this…

God-sized dreams are amazing.

And exhausting.

Thrilling and terrifying.

Everything you thought you wanted and more than you think you can handle. They grab your heart and won’t let go.

I’m talking about God-sized Dreams again today. I don’t know everything I’m going to say. But I do know…

God-sized Dreams are worth it all.

Even when you want to give up.

Especially when you want to give up.

Because they’re not about chasing a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. No, they’re about chasing the Rainbow-maker Himself.

They make us into Jacobs, wrestling God in the night until He blesses us.

They change us, shape us, grow us into who He wants us to be.

God-sized dreams aren’t about goals…they’re about journeys.

A thousand steps in His direction.

And we become different than we are now with every one we take.

Do you have a God-sized Dream?

Then come, sit with me for awhile. Let’s talk about it together.

I’ll share my heart.

You share yours too.

We’ll be dream chasers, God chasers, together.

God-sized dreams.

Even on the hard days (and there will be many)

is there anything bigger…

or better?

Better is one day in Your courts than thousands elsewhere. Psalm 84:10

I’d love to have you join me for a free live webcast about God-sized Dreams today at 11am CST. It’s part of the Bridgelite Transition Series by Denise Martin. Best-selling authors Mary DeMuth and Lauraine Snelling will be part of the series in the coming weeks too! 

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About Holley

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