A Big Thank You and a Few Little Thoughts

Thank so much to each of you who have reached out to the Russell family so beautifully. Your comments have touched their hearts and mine as well. I also want to thank each of you who left comments on my other posts. Your words encouraged me and I read each one!

A few of you asked for my e-mail address. It’s holley@dayspring.com. I may not be able to respond because of the number of e-mails I receive but I promise to read each one. A few of you also asked for DaySpring’s address and you can find that on the DaySpring web site in the Contact Us section or by clicking here.

I also wanted to share a little from my heart with you today. I recently spoke at a women’s ministry meeting about releasing our burdens to God. We each wrote something God was asking us to let go of and placed it in a basket on the stage. On my piece of paper I wrote “fear.” I’ve been asking God a lot lately why I always seem to be running. It’s hard for me to sit still and my to-do list is usually a mile long. I felt like the Lord helped me see in that time of reflection that sometimes I’m not just running…I’m running away.

I’m running away from the fear of being rejected.

I’m running away from feeling insignificant.

I’m running away from the sense that I’m just not enough.

So I laid my “fear” in the basket and turned to walk back to my seat. As I did, I paused for a moment and asked the Lord, “What are you giving me in exchange?” I believe God always gives us something in return for what we release to Him. Beauty for ashes. Strength for weakness. Grace for guilt. I sensed Him whispering to my heart one simple word, “Trust.” That’s the opposite of fear. It’s about resting, abiding, and staying connected to the Vine and so His life flows through us. Trust is about remaining rather than running.

I love the passage in John where Jesus says, “I’m the vine and you’re the branches. Remain in Me and you’ll bear much fruit.” The last time I read it I felt the Lord impressing on my heart that growth and productivity are His responsibilities in my life. He lovingly confirmed that again this morning.

So, Lord, teach me trust. Show me how to abide. Draw me close to You. Help me discover the ways that “Be still and know that I am God” can be so much more powerful than “Be on the go all the time.” I lay my to-do list down and take Your loving hand instead. I thank You that through the cross You have already marked everything that matters “done.” Amen.

I’d love for you to help me learn more about this. How is God teaching you to trust and rest in Him?

About Holley

About Holley

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