Suitcase photo by mollypop (flickr) A few weeks ago I stood in baggage claim at the airport. Suitcase after suitcase rose from the belly of the building and slipped onto the conveyer belt. But not mine.

I watched as people grabbed their bags. Some smiled. Others frowned as they picked up the weight. More simply dashed for the door, on to the next thing. And I remained.

I thought to myself, “But I NEED that bag. It belongs to me. I won’t be myself without it. I planned. I packed. I checked off lists. It has to come.”

Sometimes it feels as if our hearts are standing around waiting at the baggage claim too. Waiting for our dreams–that suitcase where we’ve packed up our hopes, stored away our fears, put the plan we envision for our lives–and the belt turns and turns.

Then I think of what Jesus shared with his disciples when he sent them out, “Take no bag for the journey” (Matt. 10:10).

Take no bag…in other words, leave behind what makes us feel self-sufficient, hand over our plans, release those dreams. Go empty-handed for only then can He put into our hands (and heart) what we really need and more than we could have imagined.

And not just what we need but what others we’ll meet on our journey really need too. Earlier in the  chapter…Freely you have received, freely give (Matt. 10:8).

My bag finally came that day.

And as for the one I carry around on the inside, I’m finally learning to check it with Jesus. It sure makes the load lighter.

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About Holley

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