Beautiful Anomaly #11 – Random Things Appear in My Purse


In my first post, I wrote about a few of my beautiful anomalies. I’ve decided to keep adding to the list. So beautiful anomaly #11 is: Random things sometimes appear in my purse.

For example, one day this week I reached into my purse to get my keys and discovered they were covered in chocolate. I still have no idea how the chocolate got into my purse, became unwrapped, and attached itself to my keys.

Fabulous writer and comedian Anita Renfroe says in her book The Purse-Driven Life that we each have a distinct "purse-onality." She describes the various types in hilarious detail but unfortunately that particular chapter didn’t include anything about chocolate-covered keys.

So I’m still scratching my head on exactly what this means…besides that it’s time to clean out my purse.

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About Holley

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