Black and Blue and Biking too


This is my husband, Mark. He’s an amazing mountain biker. About a month ago, I got a bike too. Until now, I’ve been staying safely on the street. But when Mark asked if I’d go on a trail with him this afternoon, I agreed.

Not only did I go slower than most turtles would have on that trail, I also injured myself twice (don’t worry, Mom, I’m fine). I’ll let you guess how the first injury (small gashes on my leg) happened…

A) I was surprisingly going about 30 miles an hour down a hill when suddenly a tree branch stabbed me.

B) A rabid possum latched onto my leg and I fought him off with my bare hands.

C) I got completely scared, put my foot down, and the bike sprockets attacked me.

I tried all of these stories on Mark. If you went with answer C, then you’re in good company. The second time I injured myself I tried to get off of my bike to walk it, tripped over the bar attached to the seat, and fell down. Hence the bruises. Sigh.

Mark was a really good sport and encouraged me. Although he did think it was quite hilarious that both times I got hurt I was actually trying to protect myself. He kept telling me, "Just roll with the trail and you’ll be fine."

Of course, everything that happens to me is a spiritual analogy. So I started thinking about how I do the same with God. He asks me to get out of my comfort zone, take some risks, and hit the trail with Him. Rather than moving forward in confidence and trust, I often spend far more time trying to make sure nothing happens to me. And in the end, I usually become my own worst enemy.

If you had been listening closely to me today, you would have heard me saying over and over some phrases God has been impressing on my heart the last few months…

Faith over fear.

Risk is right.

Choose courage.

I’m making more progress with those lessons in my heart than I am on the trail. I told Mark when we got done, "My mind knows it’s okay and I’m safe, but my bottom isn’t convinced. It’s still trying to save itself."

One day all of me will learn to tackle the trail and ride through life in total freedom but it’s a process. I’m glad God and Mark both seem to be in it for the long haul.

I’ve heard the saying, "If you can’t be an example, be a warning." So take it from me, my friends, and let this photo remind you to be far braver than I was today…

(Please note that the chain on the left matches the marks on my leg to the right.)


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About Holley

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