Confessions of a Non-Morning Person

I have a dilemma.

(But first I have to confess something really quick…I have apparently been misspelling dilemma my entire life. I always spell it "dilemna" and spell-check just corrected me.

Then I asked the other two editors who sit by me if that were indeed true. Sometimes my spell-check switches to French without warning and turns my entire world upside down.

But no, it’s true—d-i-l-e-m-m-a.

See, writers do that stuff too—most of them just don’t tell. I always imagine myself getting fired when I do.)

Okay, back to my other confession. I’m not a morning person at all. I’ve learned to get up because I’m married to one. Even on the weekends I don’t sleep past seven or so. But those first few moments are torture. And I always stay in bed longer than I planned on the night before.

Here are a few of the drastic measures I’ve taken to change this…

1) Put the alarm clock in the other room (got up and went back to bed).

2) Put chocolate on the alarm clock (ate it and went back to bed).

3) Put a fabulous friend in charge of keeping me accountable (confessed and went back to bed). This one is still in progress so it may work after all.

When we were first married, my husband once set all the clocks an hour ahead without telling me. He then called from work and asked, "Whatcha doing?" I told him I was up and getting ready. He then shared his little secret and cheerily said, "See, you can get up early!" (I don’t advise this tactic if you are married to a non-morning person.)

So, you morning people or non-morning people who have tackled this successfully, what are your secrets?

And, by the way, I know you’re out there and I’m really glad. One day last week almost 500 of you stopped by. Thanks! I’d love to hear from you!

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About Holley

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