It’s been a rough week. Mark and I have gotten hammered with one round of difficult news after another. Most of it has been about people we dearly love. Most of it has been things we can’t do anything about. We both said yesterday, "We can handle it when something happens to us. It’s when something happens to someone we care about that it really gets us down."

We already felt physically, emotionally, and spiritually worn down from being in a way-too-busy season of our lives. I recently read the book Margin about how we all need extra space. I’m a speed reader and I zipped through the whole thing on a plane ride (all the while thinking that’s probably not what the author intended at all). I’m fully aware, and even more so now, that I don’t have much margin these days. This week was like a twenty-dollar withdrawal when my bank account only had five left. At another time, I could probably easily cover it. But not right now.

I feel as if my writing has reflected this. I haven’t been as authentic, intentional, or inspiring as I’d like to be lately and I’m confessing that to you. This isn’t my most eloquent post and I’d really rather say I’m doing great. But this is real and that’s what I want to be with you.

I just took a long nap (which always helps, as my Grandpa reminds me). I had a piece of chocolate, a few moments to write, and some time today with friends who encourage me. I also gave myself some grace and permission to not be okay right now. I’m finding those are the little things that slowly make a big difference. 

So if you’re feeling a little down today along with me, I want to send some grace and my prayers your way too. May God carry us all and show us His love in the ways we need.



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About Holley

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