Why You Don’t Have to Be Wonder Woman

Hey friend? You don't have to do it all. You aren't called to be Wonder Woman. via http://HolleyGerth.com

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We sometimes joke about feeling as if we need to be like Wonder Woman in our daily lives. We often juggle a career, kids, marriage, friendships, and church activities. We start the day exhausted and end it the same way.

Yet we push ahead, feeling sure we too are called to be superheroines who save the world. We pay the price with our bodies, hearts, and minds.

Many of us also harbor a secret — one we share with only a few people.

Despite our Herculean efforts, our endless giving, and our selfless devotion…they never feel like enough.

There is always another load of laundry to do, another hurting heart to comfort, another bible study to attend. We silently wonder, “If this is the abundant life, why am I so tired?

I’ll admit that I’ve often struggled with this question. As a type A, motivated, goal-oriented woman, I can wear myself out in a hurry.

Wonder Woman and I are a bit different. She knows her mission and that’s her focus. She also knows both her powers and her limitations. I, on the other hand, look at Philippians 4:13 and say, “’I can do all things‘…so that must mean I have to do everything.” But I’m learning that God never calls me to do it all.

Our mission isn’t to save the world; Jesus has already done that. Our mission also isn’t to be like our neighbors or the women we admire. Our mission isn’t any result…instead it’s all about a relationship. That means we don’t have to try so hard or do so much. Whew. 

With Jesus, we’re already and always Wonder Women {although I think I’ll swap the superhero suit for yoga pants — you too?}.


Holley Gerth

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