For the One Facing the Unknown

You’re not sure what’s ahead because you didn’t see this coming. How could you have known? Life brings surprises, curves in the dusty road, moments that split reality into before and after like a lumberjack with logs and an ax.

It’s okay to question in those times. It’s human to feel grief or fear or frustration. You are not invincible, an impenetrable fortress. You are a body and mind, a heart and soul, a being who bleeds and aches, laughs and naps, who can taste the sweetness of a strawberry and the bitterness of bad news.

Be gentle with yourself as you are learning to embrace your “new normal.” Throw out the “shoulds” like moldy bread from your mental pantry. They will not feed you in this season. Pour out old expectations like a carton of milk past its expiration date. Give yourself permission to not have this figured out yet.

It’s okay if there’s much you do not yet know. You haven’t been this way before.

For the one facing the unknown...

A few certainties for the not-knowing, not-yet-seeing, I-don’t-understand moments:

You are beloved. Oh, how you are. That is as true when the tears blur your eyes as it is when joy sweeps like a tsunami through your soul. It’s real when your strength feels as small and fragile as a hummingbird’s bones. And it is real when you feel mighty, greeting the day not with a whisper but a roar.

You are not alone. You are surrounded by the great cloud of witnesses, and by the circle of people you trust. You are enveloped by divine love that is everlasting and unstoppable. You have a God who has promised He will never leave or forsake you—especially now.

You are still part of an eternal Story. When you’re tired of trying to answer all the questions, you can curl into that mystery like a baby into the folds of a blanket. You can rest in the arms of the Author who has carried you this far. This chapter is not your identity or destiny; it is the page you are on with Him right now.

Be tender toward your humanness. Make safe space for all you feel. Treat yourself as you would someone you love.

There are no words that can make the pain go away. But I hope these words will go with you, dear one, and be a companion to your joy and sorrow today.



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About Holley

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