Girlfriends Giveaway!

Mark and I just got home from spending time with dear friends of ours. We had yummy Thai food for dinner and ice cream (mint oreo!) for dessert. But the best part of all was just catching up on each other’s lives and laughing so hard we almost fell out of our chairs.

For example, we swapped stories of odd things our spouses have done while sleeping. Just after Mark and I were first married I woke up to find him persistently poking my forehead. It was as if he were inwardly asking his sound-asleep self, “Can she be real–really, really real?” (Insert one poke of the forehead for each word in that last sentence). I woke him up by laughing hysterically and it has been one of our favorite stories to tell ever since.

Since I’m feeling grateful for friendship at the moment, I’m kicking off the week with a “Girlfriends Giveaway.” (Yes, there were boys present tonight but I’m not convinced they’re interested in free girly stuff. If I ever give away power tools and/or electronics, I will repent and come up with another name.)

So here’s the deal. If you win the contest you’ll get two of these Friends of the Heart journals. I wrote them and they have different sections for memories, prayer requests, etc. The journal is meant to be shared and you could do so with one friend or a group.

Friendship Journal

AND you’ll get two of these Friends Forever mugs. The mugs also include the Scripture, “A friend loves at all times” (Proverbs 17:17 NIV).

Friendship Mug

The catch is, you can’t keep both. Your mama taught you to share and now is the time to make her proud. To enter the contest leave a comment telling who you will give the other journal and mug to as well as why she deserves it.

Spread the love and tell all of your girlfriends to enter.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday!

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