Goals that Make You Giggle

Disclaimer: Remember what I said about making New Year’s resolutions and not keeping them in my last post? Well, I want to be clear that what I’m about to share isn’t about resolutions, it’s about goals. (That’s what I keep telling myself anyway).

At the start of each year, I spend a few hours praying and planning. So this morning I packed up my computer, grabbed my purse, and headed out the door to Einstein Bros Bagels. My cinnamon sugar bagel and cup of coffee provided adequate inspiration for me to spend the next couple of hours typing away. Everything was sounding quite noble until these suddenly appeared…

* I will have fun and try not to drive myself and others crazy by being too serious

* I will always keep good chocolate in the house

* I will remember that I’m not God and the world will not end if I relax once in a while

You can blame it on the bagel, but I’d like to think Someone gave my heart a nudge and reminded me of a little thing called grace. And I have to admit that these are probably my favorites. (Well, there are a few in my “What I Will Not Do in 2009” section that I liked a lot as well. For example, “I will not have a clean house all the time.” That would be true anyway but it was kind’ve nice to make it official.)

So forget all of the traditional “I will run thirty miles every day in the freezing cold with weights around my ankles” goals that we tend to make. What’s a goal that makes you giggle you’d like to set for the year? Think hard, have some coffee and/or chocolate if needed, then share with us here, pretty please with cinnamon sugar on top (just like my bagel)…

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About Holley

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