God-sized dreams…are hard, even when they’re good

Pillow photo by dichohecho (flickr) I’m exhausted.

Flat-out, send-me-to-bed, tired.

I know this feeling. But it usually comes when things are hard. It surprised me this time because things are really good.

My insightful friend Keri said, “It’s still emotional and intense. And for women, anything that’s emotional and intense will wear you out!”


My wise friend Kim also reminded me feeling this way doesn’t mean I’m not excited about what God is doing or trusting His plan. Thanks for that much-needed grace, girl.

And if that weren’t enough, Deidra writes on (in)courage today

Here’s what I know about me. I will run myself out. Ragged. Empty. Too much stuff piled onto my calendar without stopping to fill my soul leaves me good for nothing. Coughing empty fumes into the air and trying to pass them off as worship or service or praise gets old and tired fast. Refueling is essential if I’m going to get anywhere.

Um, yeah, I can relate. And it doesn’t matter if you’re on your way to something awful or wonderful. It still requires the same amount of fuel. Who knew?

God-sized dreams take a lot out of us. And He wants to put back into us even better things that will get us where we need to go.

I’ve been thinking about the story of Elijah. First he has a major showdown with the prophets of baal. God shows up in amazing ways. It’s a serious victory.

Then Jezebel threatens Elijah. So he runs into the wilderness and says, “I have had enough, Lord” (seriously!). I would think he’s in BIG trouble. But what does God do? Sends an angel to give Elijah something to eat and tells him to sleep.

We all get exhausted…even when we’re doing exactly what God asks us to do, even when things are going really well, even when we’re happy, even when we’ve just had a great victory.

Even then.

Because we’re human.

And God knows all of that about us.

He knows what we need not just spiritually but also physically and emotionally.

Sometimes we need a Bible study.

And sometimes we just need a nap.

Lord, give us the wisdom to know the difference.


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