God-sized dreams…hardly ever go the way we plan

Volkswagon photo by AmySelleck I’m in Colorado Springs to meet with Waterbrooka publisher I adore. And all of you know what kind of craziness happens when I’m allowed to go out in public.

My trip did start uneventfully. I made it to the plane on time, didn’t lose my bags, and even get my rental car.

I pulled onto the freeway feeling quite sure of myself…and that’s where the fun began. You see, I’m quite directionally challenged so I brought my trusty GPS thinking I couldn’t possibly get lost. 

I imagined myself zipping quite happily into town, visiting a few of my favorite spots (we used to live here), and arriving without incident at the hotel.

However, along the way I may or may not have

driven the wrong way down a one-way street (just a few feet).

missed several crucial turns because I was making up blog posts in my head.

accidentally gone 75 in a 50 just because everyone else was.


The GPS usually has two favorite phrases for me and today was no exception:

“Make a u-turn if possible.”


Yes, ma’am. That’s how I roll.

(For some reason my husband set the GPS on the British version so I also felt like I was getting reprimanded by Mary Poppins the whole time–quite upsetting.)

Because my life is one endless spiritual analogy, it occurred to me that the road to many of my God-sized dreams has been much like my journey today.

Usually, when I get off course I have this sinking feeling that dream is d-o-n-e. After all, I’ve goofed it up big time. And a perfect God with a perfect will can’t handle that, right?


He knows we’re human. And if He were in charge of the GPS instead of Mary Poppins it would sound more like…

“You can make a u-turn. It’s always possible.”

Yep, there will be detours to our dreams. Some of them will even be our fault.

But no matter how far I got my car off course today, the little end-flag on my GPS stayed in the same spot. And no matter how far we get off course, the deepest purposes of our lives stay the same in God’s eyes.

We think there is one way to our God-sized dreams. It turns out there are a thousand. He can recalculate, reroute, and redirect until we get there.

So if you’ve been feeling discouraged, get back on the road again. And if you see someone going the wrong way down a one-way as you do, please sweetly wave hello…it’s probably me.

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About Holley

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