God-sized Dreams…start in His heart

I’ve really appreciated your prayer requests and comments about God-sized dreams so I’m kicking off a series on this subject!

With God All Things Are Possible Bracelet I have several nieces and nephews. A few years ago I asked them what they dreamed of being when they grew up. It was unanimous—all of them wanted to work at Chuck E. Cheese!

I mentioned that to them again last Christmas (they’re all older now) and they just looked at me like I was crazy.

But back then I imagine there were some prayers going up along the lines of, “God, please let me work at Chuck E Cheese one day!”

Those kind of dreams start in our hearts and then we ask God to bless them. They’re about us. God-sized dreams are ultimately about Him.

One of my little girl dreams was to grow up and become a writer. And it actually turned out to be a God-sized dream too.  Even when that dream is difficult or challenging, I feel compelled to keep pursuing it.

Another God-sized dream I have right now that hasn’t worked out at all in the way I imagined is being a mom. I still don’t know the ending to that story.

I feel like God has assured me that I’m a mother in the Kingdom as I give birth to words…whether that is the full answer to the dream or not I don’t know yet.

There all different types of God-sized dreams—some start when we are young, others come along later in life, some are easy, some are hard.

But they have this in common…

God-sized dreams start in His heart and then He places them in ours.


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About Holley

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