Greeting Card Writers Don't Get Grouchy

Ok, that’s a myth. They do. I know because I’m feeling a bit grouchy myself today—primarily due to a lack of sleep the past few days.

It’s a good thing I’m helping with other projects and not writing today because if I were doing a card, it might not be something like this:

I do miss you…

…but I don’t want to see your sweet face again

unless you’re bringing coffee and chocolate with you.

Hmm, I might just print that one up and hang it outside my cubicle today.

If you were writing greeting cards, what would they say?

For example, my husband and I have decided if he were to do cards they would only have three-word guy phrases on the inside. For example:

It’s your birthday and you’re older.

Get over it.


So you had a bad day.

Let it go.

It’s probably clear to you why I’m the one working at DaySpring and getting a counseling degree.

He says he would also use these phrases if he were a counselor. I told him they would be pretty short sessions. He replied, “Yes, and I would charge more because people pay for things to be faster these days.”

Oh, I love that man.

And, thankfully, he loves me…even when I’m grouchy!

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About Holley

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