I don’t think we’ve ever really met.

You seem to call to me from covers of magazines, corners of the earth as the sun slips down, in the silence of the morning when I look into the mirror.

I’m drawn to you, always have been.

What little girl isn’t?

And yet I fear you too.

Because I don’t feel good enough, entitled to what you have.

Oh, others are…the cheerleaders and prom queen, Mary and Martha (Stewart).

But me?

It’s taken three decades to start discovering the truth.

I’ve been talking to Him about our relationship lately.

And I realized, dear Beauty…

We’re not enemies, we’re sisters.

We have the same Father.

He created us both.

Offered us as gifts to the world.

We both know what it’s like to be misunderstood, overlooked, broken.

We’re really more alike than different.

I’m so sorry for believing things about you that weren’t true, ignoring you because I was afraid.

Come here, sweet Beauty, let me see you for the first time the way I was meant to all along.

Oh, what a surprise for my soul!

I never knew…

The more I truly look at you, the more I see Him!


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*Originally a guest post for Sarah Markley–shared again here as I’m traveling today. 

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About Holley

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