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photo by pink sherbet

photo by pink sherbet

I love food. It’s about more than physical nourishment for me–it’s about connection, reward, memories, enjoyment, celebration, comfort. And so when I realized recently I need to change the way I eat I did what any good Southern girl would do: I pitched a proper hissy fit. I whined. I rolled my eyes. I stared longingly at cupcakes. But none of that changes this reality: If I want to feel happier, I’ve got to eat better. *Sigh*

We all know the basics: More fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Less sugar and white flour. What seems to be tricky is how to make that happen.

Here’s what has helped me most…

Meal Planning – I have a Yum! Pinterest Board and I use the Recipe Box feature on All When it’s time to pick meals, I open those up along with my online calendar. I type what’s for dinner each day on my calendar and then put a link to the recipe in the Notes box so it’s there when I’m ready to cook.

Winning at the Grocery Store – Before it goes in my mouth, it goes in my cart. I’ve learned the best way not to eat junk food is not to buy it.

Moderation – Nothing is completely off limits. A cupcake, glass of wine, or occasional piece of pizza is just fine. Especially when I’m celebrating. The Old Testament is full of feasting and there’s a time and place for simply enjoying.

My Fitness Pal – This app lets you track what you eat as well as your exercise.

Made to Crave – This book by Lysa Terkeurst will help you make sure there aren’t any heart issues getting tangled up in food ones.

My biggest struggle? Anytime I’m out of my routine. Travel, social events, and extra busy seasons. Those still throw me off. Any advice?

I’m not sure if we are what we eat…but we certainly do feel how we eat. Healthier food equals happier, holier lives. So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. {1 Cor. 10:31} And I sure hope there are cupcakes in heaven to make up for the ones I’m skipping on earth. Yes, ma’am, and amen.


Holley Gerth

31 Days to a Happier You

“Because happiness can be an act of worship” 



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About Holley

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