How to help anyone who crosses your path…

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An expert in the law has come to test Jesus. And in that brilliant way of His, Jesus answers with a story.

A man travels on a road.

Robbers attack.

A priest passes by. Then a Levite. And finally a Samaritan {a cultural outcast}.

It’s the Samaritan who has pity on the man. He stops and does three things that show us how we can love those who cross our path too…

First, the Samaritan bandages the man’s wounds and pours oil and wine on them. For us, this means asking, “What do I have with me that I can use to help?” Your “wine and oil” might be an encouraging word, a listening ear or even an a simple act of kindness.

Then the Samaritan places the man on his donkey and takes him to an inn. Our “donkey” is the vehicle we can use to help others. For me, it’s this blog and my books. For you it might be your home that you open to others or a job that allows you to reach out. It’s the “how” of the ways you help.

The Samaritan finds an innkeeper. He tells the innkeeper to take care of the man and that he will cover what’s needed. {Note what the Samaritan didn’t do: He didn’t cancel his journey and move into the inn to devote all his time to this man then end up resenting him for not appreciating it. I’m just saying.} Sometimes we think we have to do it all but we all need innkeepers. We can ask ourselves, “Who can I connect this person to who will be able to provide the care they need?” Perhaps that person is a counselor, doctor or even a mutual friend.

Showing compassion can become overwhelming because we think we have to solve all of the world’s problems. But God never asks that of us. After all, we’re not Him.

So the good news is this: you can be a neighbor to whoever crosses your path today. You can make a difference. You can touch a life.

Like the Samaritan, do what you can with whatever you have wherever you are.

{the story of the Good Samaritan can be found in Luke 10:25-37}


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