In Real Life

We’re scattered all over the world, you and I.

I know because you send me notes from places like Australia and Thailand. And each time one slips into my box I have the same thought, “I wish we could have coffee together.”

I’m hoping heaven involves coffee too. And the chance to sit down with each one of you.

Because that’s how I connect best, face-to-face.

I love what words can do. How they bring hearts together.

Yet there’s just something about seeing each other.

In real life.

Jesus did it.

He crossed time and space and history to be in our world.

In real life.

Maybe that’s why what (in)courage is doing matters so much.

(in)RL {short for In Real Life}

Have you heard about it yet?

On April 27 and 28th women all over the world will get together, face-to-face.

In coffee shops. Living rooms. Unexpected places.

There will be video content to share from some of the women from (in)courage (my smiley little face will be in there). Check out this awesome trailer for an idea of what it’s like.

A community keynote will kick off Friday night and then Saturday will be time to connect with local friends–new and old. There will be more video content if you’d like along with whatever your host (or you) can dream up.  

 Here are the details: $10 to register and that comes with a free T-shirt and free Simply Marvelous card pack.

There may already be an (in)real life meet up in your town you can join. You can find out on the (in)RL site.

And if there’s not one you can create your own as a host on the (in)RL site.

Let’s do this together.

I’ll be holding a cup of coffee that day and joining right in with you. 

In real life.


Yesterday Bonnie Gray shared about (in)RL and tomorrow Angela Nazworth will too.

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About Holley

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