Inspiring Women: Beth Jones-Schall


This weekend I was part of a conference for Blessings Unlimited. They’re a direct-sales company owned by DaySpring.

The speaker was an amazing woman named Beth Jones-Schall, the founder and president of Spirit of Success. She’s the one in the middle of the photo above. Julie Vickers (on the right) is the Director of Business Development for Blessings Unlimited.

I got to spend time with Beth and she’s one of the most energetic, encouraging, and wise women I’ve ever met.

Beth shared a message about being a “tekton” in whatever we feel called to do. “Tekton” is a Greek word that means “excellent” or “a master in your trade.” Whenever Jesus is described as a carpenter, the word “tekton” is used.

Beth says that sets an example for us. For most of his time on earth, Jesus was a “tekton” carpenter. He established a reputation for excellence that probably made people willing to listen.

When Beth finished, I began to think about a little lie that had lived deep within me for a long time.

The lie was:

If you’re excellent, people will look at you instead of God.

Through what Beth shared, I realized that people have to look at us first before we can point them beyond us to God. Like Jesus said, we’re supposed to let our lights shine. We can be tektons in our homes, businesses, and churches.

Thank you, Beth, for your encouragement.

While Beth was inspiring us all, I was proving once again that you really can’t take me anywhere.

First, I managed to walk into the men’s bathroom. That’s always an odd moment. You open the door and think, “Wow, those are some strange-looking sinks.”

Then during one of the presentations I inhaled a piece of peppermint, which made me choke, my friends laugh, and the speaker stop mid-sentence to ask everyone who knew CPR to please raise their hands.

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