Mt. Hermon Moments

I finally arrived at the Mt. Hermon conference center after 17 hours of travel. Yep, I left my house at 7am and didn’t get here until almost 1:30am. It’s a long story, literally, so I’ll just move along.

The best part of the trip was reading Same Kind of Different as Me on the plane. Except it made me bawl my eyes out and I didn’t have a tissue. So I had to discreetly wipe my nose when my seatmate wasn’t looking.

Trieste, a fellow DaySpring editor is here with me. She met me in Dallas, bought me dark chocolate, and took me to Starbuck’s. I could have kissed her feet (and let me tell you, I do not like feet.). Here she is holding the book and her candy in the Dallas airport. I’ve spent way too much time in that place. My Grandpa always says, “When the rapture comes we’re all going to have to stop at the DFW airport on the way.”


By the time we got in, I was so tired I couldn’t see (or hear) straight. For example, after I inspected our rental car Trieste asked, “Are there any dents or dings?” and I answered, “I don’t have any dead sardines.”

We awoke next day to a beautiful California morning and all seemed right in the world again. We hiked through the redwoods. I surfed on a board in the creek (no photos, thank you). We went to meetings and workshops. Then late at night we snuck off for a little bit to Santa Cruz and found this amazing little cafe called Chocolate….


It’s my new happy place because of this piece of chocolate cake…


If you were with me I would share with you, maybe…


Today we’re back to business. This morning was the first day of a series on publicity I’m attending by Rusty Shelton. He’s brilliant and you should read his blog right now.

One of my favorite bloggers and friends, Annie Downs, is in the class with me.


And as I’m writing this I’m in a cozy lodge on a couch sitting by my new friend Sarah Markley who has a great blog called The Best Days of My Life.

Oh, I also taught a workshop. It was fun and I bribed everyone with chocolate so they would share.

Now I’m off to a panel and then dinner. I’ll keep updating as I have time. Miss you!

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About Holley

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